Forest For The Trees  Dream

We are all here in the act of creation

Let's fly away on our imagination

You take me to the highest heights

and into the depths of the deepest abyss

When I am dreaming, I don't know if

I'm truly asleep or if I'm awake

And when I get up, I don't know if I'm

truly awake, or if I'm still dreaming

Dream, Dream, Dream, Dream, life is

but a dream

Traveling the waves of an infiinite ocean

I feel the deepest emotion

I see a shadow of reality

Please hold me closely and take me away

I'm the first person

you're the second person

Earlier today I was in the third person

Stop cursing, start diversing

Oedipus is bliss

the sunshine will affect your mind

Stretch it out, don't doubt the amount

my brain is caught

I'm just blessed

Trip hoppin', so I flow like a stream

It's just a dream