Worakls ft. Linda Clifford  Porto (Nuno Cacho Lovers Mashup)

Hey baby, come on in,
I've been waiting for you.

Sit down, relax. You know,
I gotta a few things I've been thinking about and I'd like to share them with you.
I know things have been a little strange around here lately because of all the,
all the stuff going outside the house, you know, the pressure with job,
all those things that can wear you down.

You know, sometimes, just sometimes,
you bring that home with you, and I understand but you know, I want us just to stop for a minute and think how much we have together.
I'm not talking about the material things, you know, I'm... I'm talking about...
the years that we've given to each other...
the laughter, the tears, the joy and...oh yes...
we can't forget about the heartbreak.But hey! We still together?
Not because we have to be but because we wanna be.
I know we can make it baby. We can make it. That's right.

I mean, look at how far we've come already, all the things we've accomplished, we've accomplished together. Both going in the same direction, wanting the same things for each other. Sometimes, you know, you call me and you say: "oh... I gotta work late tonight", "I'm gonna be working late" and I, I sit back and I start to wonder about who you're working with and what you're working on. Yeah.

And I might get a little upset but then, you know, you come home and you always find some little way to let me know I got no reason to worry,
oh yeah.I know you love me. (x3) I know you have there working for me and these kids, so we're gonna buy things that we like.
But you know something? Those things are nice baby, but if you really wanna know what I need - I need you. That's right.
Yeah, I need you. I need more time with you. I need time with your arms around me, more time to appreciate each other - that's what we need together. And more time for all those little things that we do for each other, because you know, little things add up.
That's right. They make, big things. It's all those little things that can make a woman feel so special, so loved and so adored,and you do that.

Yeah, you can make me feel adored, you do it when you want to.

What about me? Oh... yeah, I know, I know, I have my moments too. When I can get   on your nerves, a ha
But I want you to realize that taking care of a home, the kids, working every day, that can start to wear anybody down.  
So when you come home at night, maybe it's not "lingerie and champagne" like it used to be. But you know what's there?
That same old heart - the one that beats for you baby.